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The Duffers Hockey League offers an exciting, non-contact game for players who want structured league play that is competitive and sportsmanlike.

                                                                                Winter 2016 - 2017


Please contact Charlene for info charlene@duffershockey.com 

We have teams looking for players, you can register online under Register on the website menu or contact Charlene by email.


  • Misconduct in last 10 minutes of game - 1 game
  • 3 Game Ejections (due to multiple penalties) - 1 game
  • Major - 1 game
  • Game Misconduct - 1 game
  • Gross Misconduct - 2 games, and league review
  • Fighting - 2 games
  • Leaving the players bench or penalty box during an altercation - 3 games
  • Playing, coaching or on the players bench while under suspension - suspension doubled/game defaulted
  • Check from behind (minor) - 1 game
  • Check from behind (major) - 3 games
  • Check from behind (major) causing injury - 5 games
  • Check to the head (minor) - Misconduct
  • Check to head (major) - 3 games
  • Match - suspension length determined by league management
    Players that receive any of the above penalties in 3 separate incidents will be suspended for the balance of the season. (Three Strike Rule)
  • Any 3 penalties, or an accumulation of 6 penalty minutes - Game Ejection
  • Misconduct - serves 10 minutes in the penalty box
  • Accidental high stick major - Ejected for balance of game, no further suspension
  • Team Major - The 4th minor for a combination of stick, body or roughing penalties is a 5 minute team penalty. Players assessed a team penalty will not be ejected from the game unless their penalty total exceeds 6 minutes. This penalty cannot be shared with other players and is not subject to suspension
  • Referee's room - Players or coaches that enter the referee's room without permission are subject to a 3 game suspension
  • Ineligible/uninsured player - forfeit game and $100 fine
  • Forfeit game - $100 fine
  • Team Suspensions can be assessed at the League's discretion.



Women's Masters League 2015/2016

This winter we will have a Women's Masters League for female players over 30 years old looking for fun, less aggressive and competitive level of hockey.

The goal is to play fun hockey with less contact than a normal game.

The season will be the same dates and cost as the rest of the league - 26 regular season games and a minimum 2 playoff games. Games will not conflict with other women's games to accommodate players playing for more than one team.

The cost for team is$11,985.00 or $799.00 per player, please see winter info for more information and early payment discount.

Players or teams interested please contact Charlene

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Goalie masks
Only CARHA approved masks are allowed.
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Winter 2016-17 Information     05/25/16

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Playoff Rules     04/30/16
Player eligibility and game format.
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Spring/Summer 2016 Information     01/09/16

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