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Sat, Mar 28  3:30 PM
Ravens vs. Ms. Stix 0 - 1  (L)  
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Team Record GP W L T GF GA PTS W%
Winter 2014 - 15 Regular season 26 12 12 2 52 57 27 .625
0-2-0 18 1 0 6 30 0 4 87
Sherylin Gasior 18
Vic Tait 13
Karen Chan 13
Sherylin Gasior 12
Vic Tait 8
Karen Chan 7
Sherylin Gasior 6
Karen Chan 6
Vic Tait 5
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Standings GP PTS W%   
Ms. Stix 26 30 .750  
'eh' Team 26 30 .666  
Storm 26 27 .657  
Ravens 26 27 .625  
Hockey Bags 26 24 .545  
Hollyburn Hotties 26 22 .523  
Babes on Blades 26 12 .260  
Hot Shots 26 10 .227  
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Welcome back to veteran Ravens and also to new Ravens! We're looking forward to another fun season. The Ravens are one of the Original Four women's teams to play in the North Shore Duffers league which started in Y2K (year 2000)! Here's to another great year.

Game Rosters

Our Game Availability spreadsheet has been uploaded to Google Drive (see link below).

Please update your availability well ahead of game dates

To update your availability click here: RAVENS Winter 2014-15

Please fill in your availability for the entire season right away so Bev and Vic can schedule spares.

Full Timers: Please find your name on the sheet and fill in yes, no or maybe for each date.

Part Timer players are paired up. Please contact each other via email or phone and work out who is playing each game. Once you have determined who is playing which game please follow the following steps. The idea is that between you you will cover all games just like a full time player would. 1) Fill in a yes for the game you will be playing. 2) Fill in a no if you are Not available. 3) Fill in a '?' if you are available but your partner is scheduled to play already. If we need a spare for the game we will contact the available part timers before turning to our spares list.

For the first 3 weeks of the season Vic will send out roster info ahead of games. After that Bev Siver (email: will send out a roster email a few days before upcoming games. Please read those emails and let Bev know of any errors right away. Remember, it's based on the availability spreadsheet. If your availability changes please email Bev and 'cc' Vic right away.


Valerie is managing team fees again this winter. Val will therefore be collecting all fees and will contact the team ahead of each of the remaining payments. Val had already registered all full and part time players. New players (eg. spares) who are not already registered with the league need to be registered with the league before playing. So we need at least 24 advance notice usually to get folks registered with (name, address, phone #, date of birth, email address).


This year we will be ordering new uniforms. It's been a really long time and we are short of both the white and navy versions. We also need a greater variety of sizes. Full time players are being asked to contribute $50 and part time players $25 which will give us $800 which should be enough for 2 sets of jerseys. If by chance there is money left over we could give some back to players (as a deposit) when they turn in their jerseys at year-end. If people want to do a fund raiser we can still do so after the fact to collect money back. Please bring your jersey fees to the first game. Vic will be collecting funds. Vic and Margaret are working on crest and jersey ideas and will bring them forward to the team for a vote prior to ordering. We will also collect size requests ahead of time. More details to come once the season starts.

Have a great season everyone!