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Sat, Apr 7  1:45 PM
Ravens vs. Ms. Stix 2 - 1  (W)  
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Team Record GP W L T GF GA PTS W%
Winter 2017 - 2018 Regular Season 26 18 7 1 85 47 37 .711
1-0-0 16 3 1 19 21 1 2 90
Alexandra  Yallouz 40
Tammy Walker 17
Krista Seebaran 14
Alexandra  Yallouz 29
Krista Seebaran 9
Thi Ut Antoniazzi 7
Tammy Walker 12
Alexandra  Yallouz 11
Danielle Bertsch 11
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Standings GP PTS W%   
Ravens 26 37 .711  
Ms. Stix 26 36 .680  
Misfits 26 36 .680  
Hot Shots 26 26 .480  
'eh' Team 26 21 .375  
Storm 26 22 .347  
Babes on Blades 26 17 .326  
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Welcome back Ravens! We're looking forward to another great season of hockey and post game socializing!

Game Rosters

Please update your availability on TeamCowboy

Reminder emails will be sent, but why not be ahead of the game? Login at TeamCowboy (yeehaw?) and set your attendance for upcoming games. Let Sue or Karen know if you have any issues.

The earlier you let us know your availability the easier it is for us to find spares.

Part Timer players are paired up. Please contact each other via email or phone and work out who is playing which game. Once you have determined who is playing which game please set your attendance in TeamCowboy. If you're available to play, but your partner is already playing, please put 'available' as your status.

Should we have spots to fill for sparing you PT players will be the first we call. Spare fees will be $25 per game.


Sue is managing team fees this winter. Sue will therefore be collecting all fees and will contact the team ahead of each of the remaining payments. Sue has already registered all full and part time players. New players (eg. spares) who are not already registered with the league need to be registered with the league before playing. So we need at least 24 advance notice usually to get folks registered with (name, address, phone #, date of birth, email address).

All in all, be good to your teammates, have a lot of fun, maybe score a goal or two and let's win another season!